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Master of Arts in Professional Communication (MAPC)


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  • Wansink, John (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-12)
    This project explains in depth the business model of the company FanField and the cryptocurrency market. The project explains market volatility, risks and benefits of cryptocurrency and potentially the future of technology.
  • Martinez Rabideau, Mariah (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-12-20)
    This project sought to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a small business’ current digital media footprint and branding. The project sought to solve the challenges faced by a travel agency that had goals to grow ...
  • Acevedo, Alyssa (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-12-16)
    A standard method of evaluating Master’s seeking graduate students is to have them complete an independent research project with assistance from an academic advisor. These independent research projects can be a thesis or ...
  • Forrest, Lindsey (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-12-16)
    This study looks into the perceptions that students of universities in the Tampa Bay Area have of the campus authority around them. It explores the themes of legitimacy, power, and interpersonal communication.
  • Grosso, LeAnne (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-12-13)
    This manual is being created to help employees such as guest service, servers, server assistants, food runners, and supervisors execute their jobs more effectively. The goal of this handbook will be to focus on service ...
  • Dannielle, Roque (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08)
    After a relational transgression, the offender may apologize to maintain the relationship and attain forgiveness from the transgression-receiver. This study investigated how apology elements and communication mediums may ...
  • Coppa, Jensen (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08)
    This emergency communication plan will go through ideas and suggestions for the University of Tampa's Emergency Operations Department. It will look at secondary research from other universities, and give tips on how the ...
  • Anderson, Caleb (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-12)
    An outbound sales training manual for new hires at The MRKT Co
  • Bologna, Nicole (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-10)
    This paper explores the changes and realizations that occur when becoming a first-year student at a university far from home. After having little to no experience being away from home and being raised with a controlling ...
  • Dugo, Rachael (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-17)
    The goal of this project, titled “Mid-Twenties Thrive Guide” is to highlight strategic advice for those in their early years post-graduation.
  • Forstmane, Laila (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-12)
    This capstone project is for the speech center at the University of Tampa and includes four instructional speech videos for students. It also includes a report which details research on speech centers, educational videos, ...
  • Guzman, Patricia (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-14)
    This document consists of a tour script connecting the historical, cultural, and culinary assets of Wimauma. This script will be use by the tour guide to highlight the rich diversity of Wimauma through is food entrepreneurs.
  • Landry, Alexandra (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-01)
    This capstone project use a podcast format to discover what confidence is, where it comes from and how it can be used in different areas of our lives.
  • Lane, Destiny (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-15)
    Investigating stereotypes involving Black women requires us to acknowledge the realism behind the Mammy, Jezebel, the Strong Black Woman trope, and the Superwoman Persona stereotypes. However, researchers have mostly ...
  • Marshall, Nicholas (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-11)
    This is a handbook I created to help small business with their initial social media marketing journey when building their brand.
  • Mays, Jamie (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-11)
    There are centuries worth of disability history and a dozen types of institutions, activities, and policies available that could be used to conduct an analysis of accommodation, modern-day use of Universal Design (UD), ...
  • Prins, Jolie (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-15)
    This project explores what fashion means to college students regarding choice, identity, and the desire for school spirit. Researchers can determine what college students liked and what they wanted to avoid based on their ...
  • Steele, Cameron (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-11)
    A book on comprehensive drumming technique that explains the ins and outs of how to play the snare drum in a loose and relaxed manner.
  • Urso, Veronica (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-16)
    The purpose of this project is to illustrate the power of a personal website serving as a professional form of communication. The aim is to bring a traditional resume “to life” by creating a visual resume. The site along ...
  • Brady, Katie (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08)
    Members of marginalized groups such as the queer community often face difficulty when trying to find and create safe physical spaces for themselves. As a result, many take to virtual spaces, such as that of the fanfiction ...

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