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The University of Tampa Institutional Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes the intellectual output of the UT community. Our repository is an important tool for preserving UT's legacy, while promoting the University’s scholarship around the world.

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Recently Added

  • Duckworth, Megan-Marie; Barber, Lisa; Thomas, Lloyd A.; Baggett, Cynthia; Siridhab, Phanit; Adams, Brian; Birnbaum, Lisa, Faculty Adviser; Martinez, Jose, Editor; Mullarkey, Mike, Editor (University of Tampa Saunders Writing Center, 1995)
  • Ticknor, Justin Lee; Lawrence, Letitia; Kotch, Jenna; Evans, Katie; Comesanas, Glen; Kenney, Ardria; Saunders, Heather; Birnbaum, Lisa, Adviser; Romano, Donna, Editor; Martinez, Jose, Editor; (University of Tampa Saunders Writing Center, 1994)
  • Seeberger, Billy; Guild, Jennifer; Maurer, Erik; Potthast, Charlotte; Siller, Beatrice; Woodbury, C. Daviss; York, Brian; Birnbaum, Lisa, Adviser; Gauweiler, Cher, Editor; Romano, Donna, Editor (University of Tampa Saunders Writing Center, 1993)
  • Jordan, Ruth; Murphy, Colleen; Swift, Lisa; Beattie, Terry; Blair, Kristine; Brown, Cathy; Marsh, John; Birnbaum, Lisa, Adviser; Leibrock, Shannon M., Editor; Gauweiler, Cher, Editor (University of Tampa Saunders Writing Center, 1992)
    Special thanks to:
  • Eising, Julie; Gauweiler, Cher N.; Georgia, Jo; Pinder, Rebecca; Disterhaupt, Karin; Parncutt, Jennifer; Thompson, Sandie; Letourneau, Larry, Editor; Leibrock, Shannon M., Editor (University of Tampa Saunders Writing Center, 1991)
    We would like to thank: The Saunders Writing Center staff, especially Dr. Evangelista, for creative input, judging, and misc. The Freshman Composition faculty for all their support. James Washington for his technical ...

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