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Recently Added

  • Gillen, Francis, Founder; Bauer, Deborah, Co-Editor-in-Chief; Collier, Chelsea, Co-Editor-in-Chief; Cabrera, Yisel; Mixon-Fry, Stephanie; Larson, Becky; Moore, Catherine; Sutherland, John; Tucker, Travis (University of Tampa Honors Program, 2003)
    "Implied in the philosophy of Honors at the University of Tampa is the desire to stand at the boundary between the known and the unknown, the perceived and the barely- perceived needs and values in our society, between a ...
  • Blake, Anne, Editor; Washington, James L, Design and Layout Editor; Gillen, Dr. Francis X, Faculty Advisor; Tower, Doug; Monastero, R. Perry; Leibrock, Shannon M.; Giunta, Karen; Gates, Angela S.; Giunta, Mary Ellen; Bishop, Jerry W., Jr. (The University of Tampa Honors Program, 1992)
    Respondez! is the University of Tampa's first forum featuring Honors student's non-fiction writing. The journal will be published annually, by UTs Honors Program. We encourage stu­dents from all disciplines to submit ...
  • de Voragine, Jacobus (Anton Koberger, 1488)
    This leaf is from the "Legenda Aurea Sanctorum Sive Lombardica Historia." It features a hand-colored woodcut image.
  • de Mediavilla, Richardus (Christoph Arnold, 1477)
    This leaf is from an early Italian printing of the "Commentum Super Quarto Libro Sententiarum" or "A Commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard, Bishop of Paris." Text is in Latin.
  • Dawson, Jennifer; Miller, Jen; Bauer, Deborah; Agosto, Christina; Boyer, Ashley; Collier, Chelsea; McGaw-Carter, Merlene; Wells, Erin (University of Tampa Honors Program, 2002)
    Respondez! (1992-2015) became Respond, starting with the 2016 issue. Respondez! is a poem written by Walt Whitman in 1871 as a call to action. The Respond staff interprets Whitman’s poem as a call for new, emerging ideas ...

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