2019 NEH Summer Institute, The Center for José Martí Studies Affiliate at the University of Tampa: "José Martí as a U.S. Writer" with Esther Allen

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The University of Tampa
In June of 2018, during a gala ceremony, José Martí was inaugurated, along with five other writers, living and dead, into the New York State Writers Hall of Fame. The event received no attention from the Anglophone U.S. media, but was the subject of several articles in Spanish language Cuban media on and off the island. Most of this coverage simply took note of the facts, but an essay in the Cuban journal La Jiribilla by Luis Toledo Sande, author of a biography of Martí, expressed certain tacit concerns, and wondered whether it was the case that “la iniciativa neoyorquina se asume con perspectiva ni colonizante ni colonizada.” His question deserves serious consideration. What happens when we think of Martí not simply as someone who happened, through an unfortunate series of circumstances, to end up living in and writing about the United States, but as a writer who—like Alexis de Tocqueville, or the 17th-century Dutch lawyer Adriaen van der Donck, of New Amsterdam—deserves to be read as part of the U.S. canon, alongside Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, and Gloria Anzaldúa?
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Martí, José, 1853-1895, New York State Writers Hall of Fame