2019 NEH Summer Institute, The Center for José Martí Studies Affiliate at the University of Tampa: “José Martí, New Yorker” with Lisandro Pérez

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The University of Tampa
José Martí lived most of his adult life in New York. This presentation places Martí in his New York milieu and identifies the ways in which the city influenced his life and work. From democratic culture, corruption, expansionism, stark social contrasts and social justice, Martí was exposed to what New York had to offer: a look at the new patterns of urban modernity. New York was also the premier setting, for decades before Martí arrived, of émigré activities on behalf of Cuban separatism. Félix Varela, the annexationists, the exiles from the Ten-Years War, and the autonomists, all represent a tradition of Cuban activism in the city. Martí applied the lessons he learned from the failed history of Cuban separatism in New York to his campaign for independence, accomplishing what no Cuban émigré leader has been able to do, before or after him: create a unified civilian movement that initiated a sustained war effort in Cuba. His foresight also proved prophetic when the events of 1898 frustrated the quest for Cuban sovereignty. The focus of this presentation is on Martí as a New Yorker, in all its dimensions, from the political and intellectual to his everyday life in the city.
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Martí, José, 1853-1895, New York City, N.Y., Cuban émigrés