The Cat Sitter

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Department of Film, Animation and New Media (FMX), The University of Tampa
A young college student, Autumn, is cat sitting for a stuck up host, Maria. Thinking it was just money that causes a disposition like Maria’s, Autumn decides to stay after she receives a large amount of money to watch the cat. The only catch is that she cannot enter Maria’s bedroom. Later in the night she receives knowledge of some bank robbery that has recently taken place. Her friend calls her and asks for a house tour, and of course she enters Maria’s room. Autumn decides to eventually lay her head down, and is awakened by the cat calling out to her from Maria’s room. She goes into the room and finds the money that was stolen from the bank, and also finds Maria, ready to kill to protect her money.
Created for Senior Seminar in Film and Digital Production (FMX 460) under the direction of Prof. Dana Plays at The University of Tampa.
Click on the YouTube video link above to stream the presentation.
Drama, Thriller