2019 NEH Summer Institute, The Center for José Martí Studies Affiliate at the University of Tampa: “Tampa’s Response to José Martí” with Gabriel Cartaya

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The University of Tampa
José Martí’s first visit to Tampa in November 1891 surpassed his expectations and set in motion the process that would lead to the creation of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, an organization that was able to unite the Cuban independence movement around a program that imagined political independence as the first step toward the founding of a free, democratic, working class republic dedicated to social justice. The patriotic atmosphere and the level of social cohesion among the Cuban immigrant community of Tampa increased after Martí’s first visit to the city, in large part due to their identification with the principles outlined in his speeches “With All and For the Good of All” and “The New Pines.” The writing of the “Tampa Resolutions,” which were conceived, discussed and approved by the Cuban immigrants of this city, represents the moment when Martí emerges as the undisputed leader of the Cuban revolutionary movement and the one charged with forging the image of an ideal republic that would respond to the deepest aspiration of the Cuban people. The principles that Martí communicated during his first visit to Tampa, and which modeled the future republic he hoped to create, became from then on the foundation of the model patria that continues to frame and inspire the political discourse among Cubans both on and off the island nation.
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Martí, José, 1853-1895, Cuban Americans--Florida--Tampa