1965: No. 5


Poetry Review was published from 1964-1971.

It was succeeded by UT Review published 1972-1982, Abatis published 1983-1986 and Tampa Review published 1988-present:

IMMANENTISM: The exterior makes the interior. The interior makes the exterior. The object makes the subject. The subject makes the object. Ultimately, a fusion--no exterior, no object, no subject, no otherness, no self--only a state of being beyond the conscious and the unconscious, the superconscious. From the superconsciousness emerges the mystic words. The mystic words are the immanentist poem.

Recent Submissions

  • Edelman, Jean Louise; Swenson, May; Hammer, Louis Z.; Eigner, Larry; Haines, John; Hoffman, Daniel; Moffitt, John; Unterecker, John; Shul, Eli; Lieberman, Martin; Hammer, Louis Z.; Cardona-Hine, Alvaro; Connellan, Leo; Ignatow, David; Nystedt, Bob; Taylor, Kent; White, Joan; Farber, Charles; Hochman, Sandra; Schmitz, Dennis; Guest, Barbara; Wilson, Keith; Swingle, Larry; Anderson, Jack; Mitchell, D.; Morris, James Ryan; Packard, William; Blazek, Douglas; Bakken, Dick; Gorbea, Susan; Zinnes, Harriet; Wakoski, Diane; Fessenden, Anne; Riccio, Ottone M.; Fowler, Gene; Malanga, Gerard; Eberhart, Richard; Holland, Barbara; Cooperman, Stanley; Basler, Roy; Kelly, Dave; Sternlicht, Sanford; Perchik, Simon; Winnick, Harriet; Des Vents, Roses; Perret, Christopher; Cammer, Leslie Stanford; Woessner, Warren; Saxon, Dan (University of Tampa, 1965)
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