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dc.description.abstract A dying Rome needs heroes, lest invading barbarians sweep aside civilization and plunge the world into a thousand-year Dark Age. Five flawed members of a knightly religious order answer the call and enter Goth-occupied Belgica to save the oppressed. Along the way, they must contend with a dead wizard, an undead cat, an alcoholic talking dog, a cryptic death cult, an army of nihilist berserkers, a clan of thieves, hordes of barbarians, a collaborationist bard, a demonic mystic, a monstrous assassin squad, a fanatic but desperate Legion commander, an ultra-orthodox bishop, their own mortal shortcomings, and their trust in each other. Will Rome’s ruthless spymasters sacrifice them as pawns in a shadow war, or will their faith and unity enable them to master their own fates and save civilization? And who will recover the missing provincial treasury? In this debut novel, T. A. Morrison applies twenty years of real-world military experience to the realms of swords and sorcery and alternate history. This is not the story of the powerful decision-makers safe in their palaces, but the gritty realism of front-line combatants who volunteer to go into harm’s way for the sake of others, not always knowing their superiors’ ultimate goals. In a chaotic, multipolar world on the brink of ultimate collapse, this is a soldier’s tale of love and sacrifice, violence and morality, crudity and poignancy, sin and faith, family and brotherhood, victory and defeat. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher MFA in Creative Writing, The University of Tampa en_US
dc.subject Novel en_US
dc.subject Speculative fiction en_US
dc.subject Fantasy en_US
dc.subject Alternative histories (Fiction) en_US
dc.title Bastion of Rome en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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