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  • Stevens, Taylor Andy (2015)
  • Goldstein, Sasi (2015)
  • Gustafson, Jim (2015)
    The poems in this collection arise from place and season. The place is South Florida; the season is winter. Older folks come to this place to escape the earth’s move from the sun, for here it is easier to pretend the ...
  • Christian, Alyssa (2015)
  • Welsh, Carmen K. Jr. (2015)
    This thesis examines the profound effects of Prohibition on race, politics, and sociology. To explore the role of the 1930s and its influences and potency, this thesis analyzes, through the fiction device, anthropomorphic ...
  • Douglas, Coe (2015)
    The stories in FOUND OBJECTS AND OTHER FICTIONAL FINDS explore themes of identity, hope, masculinity, family, and the absurdities of the modern human condition. Using at times satire and aspects of the absurd, this thesis ...
  • Hodgson, Marcia (2015)
    Abstract As a third-generation Christian Scientist, I was brought up in a family that had no use for medicine and used prayer exclusively as its only form of healthcare. This thesis constitutes the beginning of a book ...
  • Ebner, David J (2015)
    An unsuccessful novelist, a sexually deviant school teacher, and a man troubled with the loss of his estranged father, William Bradstock struggles with assimilating into what his world wants him to become. Through this ...
  • Macias, Matthew (2015)
  • Cadora, Karina (2015)
  • Reeser, Cynthia (2015)
  • Skerritt, Andrew J. (2015)
    “The Lost Son: Essays on Displacement, Body, Heart and Soul,” is a collection about experiencing and understanding loss. The title of the collection has a dual meaning and speaks to the phenomenon of the author’s loss of ...
  • Eichhorn, Carolyn (2015)
    Murder in the Mix is a mystery novel detailing the adventures of ghostwriter Regina Morrison, who has been assigned to work with celebrity chef Marisol St. James on a memoir of stories leading to some of her most beloved ...
  • New Book 
    Stancill, Nancy (2015)
  • Leinfuss, Emily (2015)
  • Ringler, Robyn (2015)
    Driving through small towns in upstate New York, I can’t help but notice the signs of local businesses—some new and colorful, others battered and hardly readable. What strikes me is the name of each store, shop, warehouse. ...
  • Wheeler, Charles A. (2015)
  • LaRocca, Kimberly (2015)
  • Lansky, Steven Paul (2015)
    Person of Interest is an epic novel-in-progress. The themes include longing, love, fatigue, passion, technology, imagination, music, art, satisfaction, and community. The protagonist is a self-mythologized, middle-aged ...
  • Caine, Jim (2015)



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