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MY MOTHER WHO TEACHES DANCE: Selections from a Novel

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dc.description.abstract My Mother Who Teaches Dance is a novel of self-discovery, told alternately from the perspectives of Alby Melvin, a South Florida crime reporter, and Mariposa Fernández-Pérez, a Cuban ex-pat living in Miami with her parents Mateo and Lucia. Some sections are told from the perspectives of supporting characters, though Alby and Mariposa drive the story. Their lives intertwine when Alby goes to the funeral of his estranged father, held by Mateo, whom Alby’s father had saved in a trucking accident. Alby must reconcile his father’s abandonment and his mother’s late-stage Huntington’s Disease, and Mariposa must traverse her tumultuous past growing up in Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Both struggle to understand Alby’s father, Franklin Melvin, who passed through their lives so fleetingly. The novel explores various themes centered on homelessness, foreignness, fatherhood, abuse, abandonment, and reconciliation. The novel is written in a traditional style but with sections utilizing syntax or formatting in order to accentuate the narrative material, including alternating POVs, stream-of-consciousness, and the use of subtitles or numerical lists. Ultimately these techniques should serve Alby and Mariposa’s story by palpably exorcising the traumas of their pasts and helping forge a new conversation between them. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher MFA in Creative Writing, The University of Tampa
dc.subject novel en_US
dc.subject journalism en_US
dc.subject Cuba en_US
dc.subject Florida en_US
dc.subject homelessness en_US
dc.subject Huntington’s Disease en_US
dc.subject trauma en_US
dc.subject foreignness en_US
dc.subject abandonment en_US
dc.subject abuse en_US
dc.subject reconciliation en_US
dc.title MY MOTHER WHO TEACHES DANCE: Selections from a Novel en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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