1983: No. 2


Abatis was published from 1983-1986.

It was preceded by Poetry Review published 1964-1971, UT Review published 1972-1982, and succeeded by Tampa Review published 1988-present:

IMMANENTISM: The exterior makes the interior. The interior makes the exterior. The object makes the subject. The subject makes the object. Ultimately, a fusion--no exterior, no object, no subject, no otherness, no self--only a state of being beyond the conscious and the unconscious, the superconscious. From the superconsciousness emerges the mystic words. The mystic words are the immanentist poem.

ISSN: 0882-9586

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    EDITORIAL NOTE: In keeping with my our policy of dedicating each issue to one of the very best of American writers, ABATIS TWO is dedicated to LEO CONNELLAN, recent winner of the Shelley Memorial Award and whose book THE ...