1964: No. 3


Poetry Review was published from 1964-1971.

It was succeeded by UT Review published 1972-1982, Abatis published 1983-1986 and Tampa Review published 1988-present:

IMMANENTISM: The exterior makes the interior. The interior makes the exterior. The object makes the subject. The subject makes the object. Ultimately, a fusion--no exterior, no object, no subject, no otherness, no self--only a state of being beyond the conscious and the unconscious, the superconscious. From the superconsciousness emerges the mystic words. The mystic words are the immanentist poem.

Recent Submissions

  • Stafford, William; Rothenberg, Jerome; Hitchcock, George; Eigner, Larry; Taylor, Kent; Randall, Margaret; Nystedt, Bob; Wyatt, Charles; Deutch, Richard; Pratt, Laurence; Montgomery, Marion; Cunliffe, Dave; Sower, Margaret; Nelson, C.E.; Meltzer, David; Henderson, Archibald, Jr.; Congdon, Kirby; Wakoski, Diane; Ristau, Harland; Holland, Barbara A.; Reyes, Carlos; Goodman, Ryah Tumarkin; Jordan, Marilyn; Guhl, Theodore J.; Saxon, Dan; Montgomery, George; Gresser, Seymour; Jaworski, Richard (University of Tampa, 1964)
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