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  • Chappell, Fred; Ruark, Gibbons; Lea, Sydney; Marion, Jeff Daniel; Smith, Barbara; Speece, Merry; Huddle, David; Root, William Pitt; Bayes, Ronald H.; Miller, Heather Ross; Lauthermilch, Steven; Morgan, Robert; Matthews, Jack; Stephenson, Shelby (Humanities Division, University of Tampa, 1983)
    EDITORIAL NOTE: With this issue of ABATIS ONE, the UT Review is replaced. ABATIS ONE initiates a new editorial policy. Each issue will be devoted to one of America's outstanding writers. Our first is Fred Chappell. As Jim ...
  • Connellan, Leo; Chappell, Fred; Eberhart, Richard; Reeve, F.D.; Stafford, William; Ignatow, David; Carruth, Hayden; Junkins, Donald; Schechter, Ruth Lisa; Fishman, Charles; Essary, Loris; Oslander, M. Marcuss; Kessler, Milton; Shipley, Vivian; Masters, Marcia Lee; Merriam, Kendell; Selzer, Richard; Nanfito,Bryanne; Collier, Carol; Faulkner, D.W.; Axelrod, David B.; Fisher, Charles; Collier, Carol; Lev, Donald; McCurdy, Michael; Packard, William; Woods, John, E. (Humanities Division, University of Tampa, 1983)
    EDITORIAL NOTE: In keeping with my our policy of dedicating each issue to one of the very best of American writers, ABATIS TWO is dedicated to LEO CONNELLAN, recent winner of the Shelley Memorial Award and whose book THE ...
  • Locke, Duane; Russell, M. Frank III; Chappell, Fred (Humanities Division, University of Tampa, 1986)
    Special Note: This issue concludes Abatis and Duane Locke's connection with the University of Tampa. The dates preceding the poems are the years of composition. Duane Locke wishes to thank all the editors for the original ...



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