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dc.description.abstract "Altar Call and Other Stories" shows the division inside and between characters. The collection explores this relationship through prideful siblings, oblivious parents, and troubling neighbors. It contains themes of death, betrayal, moral duty, and mercy. The stories often feature the struggles of growing up as an older sibling through “Golden Hour,” where a sister struggles to process her relation to her ill brother, and “Brothers,” where the older brother must decide if he will defend his younger brother who is getting bullied. It features themes of physical deformity boys born with no arch to their feet in “Sins of the Father,” a father who has lost his eye to cancer in “How to Kill a God,” and a young man who tries to atone for his sins by plucking out his eyes in “Dust.” The stories are grounded primarily in reality with occasional diverges into the fantastical when the characters imagine events playing out, experience events half asleep, and go on bad drug trips. The language is focused primarily on metaphor, and each of the endings move towards an epiphanic moment, without stating each one explicitly. The stories attempt to draw from theological principles, but are grounded often anagogically rather than in parable or direct allegory. The characters are often unsympathetic and operate at odds to their own beliefs, resisting their own systems of thought. While they often move towards self-realization, they seldom experience a change in themselves, but there’s a change outside of them that transforms something or someone else, such as the unnamed man in “Asher” or the neighbor in “August.” en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher MFA in Creative Writing, The University of Tampa en_US
dc.subject Fiction en_US
dc.subject Short stories en_US
dc.subject Relationships en_US
dc.title Altar Call en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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