1991: Volume 1


Wordsmith is a publication of The University of Tampa Saunders Writing Center

The Wordsmith Awards showcase the finest examples of the essays created by First-Year Writing students. The staff of the Saunders Writing Center solicits work during the fall semester and selects the best pieces for publication.

Recent Submissions

  • Eising, Julie; Gauweiler, Cher N.; Georgia, Jo; Pinder, Rebecca; Disterhaupt, Karin; Parncutt, Jennifer; Thompson, Sandie; Letourneau, Larry, Editor; Leibrock, Shannon M., Editor (University of Tampa Saunders Writing Center, 1991)
    We would like to thank: The Saunders Writing Center staff, especially Dr. Evangelista, for creative input, judging, and misc. The Freshman Composition faculty for all their support. James Washington for his technical ...