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dc.contributor.advisor Luter, Dr. Gary, Advisor Peacy, Megan Rumore, Micheal Herndon, Stephanie Reinhard, Lierin-Alexi Haney, J.P. Iacovino, Zachary Sevegny, Amy Wistocki, David Luter, Dr. Gary, Advisor; Estrada, Dory, Editor-In-Chief; Cox, Chanelle, Editorial Board; Forman, Emma, Editorial Board; Iacovino, Zachary, Editorial Board; Khanna, Aseem, Editorial Board; Lewis, Kourtnaye, Editorial Board; Perkins, Hannah, Editorial Board; Reinhard, Lierin-Alexi, Editorial Board; Savage, Cameron, Editorial Board; Vaddiraj, Kaushal, Editorial Board
dc.contributor.editor Estrada, Dory, Editor-In-Chief
dc.contributor.editor Cox, Chanelle, Editorial Board
dc.contributor.editor Forman, Emma, Editorial Board
dc.contributor.editor Iacovino, Zachary, Editorial Board
dc.contributor.editor Khanna, Aseem, Editorial Board
dc.contributor.editor Lewis, Kourtnaye, Editorial Board
dc.contributor.editor Perkins, Hannah, Editorial Board
dc.contributor.editor Reinhard, Lierin-Alexi, Editorial Board
dc.contributor.editor Savage, Cameron, Editorial Board
dc.contributor.editor Vaddiraj, Kaushal, Editorial Board 2018-05-16T18:11:11Z 2018-05-16T18:11:11Z 2011
dc.description Respondez! is the University of Tampa's journal for nonfiction writing and is published annually by the University of Tampa Honors Program. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to submit research papers, personal essays, and other nonfiction writings. We welcome written responses to the articles, though the authors are solely responsible for their opinions. We are also receptive to any suggestions you may have concerning publication.
dc.description.abstract Respondez! (1992-2015) became Respond, starting with the 2016 issue. Respondez! is a poem written by Walt Whitman in 1871 as a call to action. The Respond staff interprets Whitman’s poem as a call for new, emerging ideas to be brought fourth and challenged. The journal embodies Walt Whitman’s poem by aiming to publish informative research that challenges mainstream assumptions. en_US
dc.description.abstract From The Editor-In-Chief
dc.description.abstract I was extremely humbled to serve as the year's Editor-In-Chief of Respondez!. I had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people over the course of the year, and they all deserve a huge thank you! To my editorial board: you all show immense devotion to this publication and made those long hours of editing enjoyable and fun. Thank you all for working so hard and diligently to make this year's publication one of the best yet.
dc.description.abstract I would also like to thank Dr. Luter who was always there when I needed assistance with anything and was extremely supportive in getting the word out for submissions. Without him, this publication would not be possible. I know we are both proud of this year's Respondez!
dc.description.abstract Finally, I would like to thank everyone who submitted. As a second year editorial board member I can safely say choosing papers this year was beyond difficult, because we loved so many of them! I was truly a privilege to read everyone's papers, and I hope you all continue to contribute in the future.
dc.description.abstract I hope that this year's edition of Respondez! will inspire new conversations among students and faculty alike and ignite questions to spark interest on a variety of topics.
dc.description.abstract Please enjoy Respondez ! 2011.
dc.description.abstract Sincerely, Dory Estrada Editor-In-Chief
dc.description.sponsorship University of Tampa Honor's Program en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.subject UT en_US
dc.subject Journal en_US
dc.subject Honor's Program en_US
dc.subject The University of Tampa en_US
dc.title Respondez! Vol. 20 en_US
dc.title.alternative Respond! en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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