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  • Williams, John R.; Elliott, Mikhail; Forman, Emma; Blyde, Victoria; Caso, Taymy; Romain, Sacha; Martinez, Adriana Hernandez; Estrada, Dorothy; Luter, Dr. Gary, Director; Cox, Chanelle, Editor-In-Chief; Morris, Andrea, Editor; Brown, Anna, Editor; Estrada, Dorothy, Editor; Forman, Emma, Editor; Post, Eric, Editor; Palmer, Jeffrey, Editor; Williams, John R., Editor; Vaddiraj, Kaushal, Editor; Elliott, Mikhail, Editor (University of Tampa Honors Program, 2012)
    Respondez! (1992-2015) became Respond, starting with the 2016 issue. Respondez! is a poem written by Walt Whitman in 1871 as a call to action. The Respond staff interprets Whitman’s poem as a call for new, emerging ideas ...



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