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Lanthanide Extraction and Luminescence Properties of Multipodal CMPO Ligands

Show simple item record Michael G. Patterson, David A. Hardy, and Hope T. Sartain, Julie A. Stoscup, Shannon M. Biros, and Eric J. Werner 2018-02-21T20:45:29Z 2018-02-21T20:45:29Z 2015
dc.description.abstract Toxic waste streams containing lanthanide (Ln) and actinide (An) metals are byproducts of nuclear power generation. While these metals are considered waste by nuclear energy manufacturers, they may serve many purposes if selectively extracted. Liquid-liquid separation of these metals can be readily achieved using carbamoylmethylphosphine oxide (CMPO) ligand derivatives dissolved in organic solvents and mixed with aqueous waste streams. While An selectivity is currently achieved by CMPO-based ligands, efficient extraction of the valuable Ln ions presents a challenge. Therefore, new ligands are being investigated in attempts to successfully target selective Ln extraction. In this study, the tripodal TREN-CMPO-OEt ligand was explored for its efficiency in Ln ion extraction. By way of ICP-AES analysis, an extraction percentage of 23.0% was determined for Tb(III), an unprecedented four to five times greater than that of any other Ln ion in the study. Further, a fluorimetric study conducted to probe the effect of solvent on luminescence showed a strong correlation between acetonitrile and increased metal-centered emissions of Tb(III) or Eu(III) ions when complexed with an uncapped CMPO-diOEt ligand. en_US
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dc.publisher College of Natural and Health Sciences, The University of Tampa en_US
dc.subject lanthanide en_US
dc.subject multipodal CMPO ligands en_US
dc.subject Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics en_US
dc.subject Department of Chemistry en_US
dc.subject Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES en_US
dc.subject Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry en_US
dc.title Lanthanide Extraction and Luminescence Properties of Multipodal CMPO Ligands en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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