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  • Lieberwitz, Risa (UT Workgroup on Free Speech and Academic Freedom, 2018-03-19)
    Dr. Risa Lieberwitz, Professor of Labor and Employment Law at Cornell University and general counsel of AAUP, speaks on academic freedom. Please click on YouTube Video link above to stream the presentation.
  • Smith, Caleb (Scholar's Symposium, The University of Tampa, 2018-02-16)
    This lecture introduces The Life and the Adventures of a Haunted Convict (1858), the recently recovered memoir of an African American inmate at New York’s Auburn State Prison. It considers Reed’s account of indentured ...
  • Gaines, Alisha (Scholar's Symposium, The University of Tampa, 2017-09-22)
    We are in seemingly unprecedented times. Dr. Alisha Gaines, professor at Florida State and author of the recent book Black for a Day: White Fantasies of Race and Empathy, will detail how her unique, genealogical history ...