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  • Unknown author (1965-10)
    This is one in a series of architectural renderings of the proposed new library building on campus. The building's northwestern face is seen from across the Hillsborough River. Architects listed: Eliot Chapin Fletcher, ...
  • Unknown author (1976-01)
    In the foreground, the image shows the demolition of the GCR (Government Classroom) Building. Four men push against the west wall of the building. In the background, a metal fire escape reaching to the third floor of ...
  • Unknown author (1976-01)
    After the demolition of the University of Tampa's GCR (Government Classroom) Building in 1976, a brick and mortar addition to the south wall of Plant Hall's Science Wing is visible to the left. This addition was removed ...
  • Unknown author (1976-01)
    The GCR building was a multi-purpose building on the University of Tampa campus. Built around 1947, it was alternatively named the Canteen, Government Classroom Building, War Administration Building and ROTC Building. It ...
  • (1968-12)
    The construction site sign for University of Tampa's new library building. The sign was erected on top of the utility building adjacent to the work area. New concrete pillars are shown at the left edge of the image.



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