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  • Meadows, Karlton (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-05)
    According to the IBIS World Report, there are no major players in the personal training industry I believe this is due to the follow-the-follower phenomena in the absence of a highly educated and experienced professional ...
  • Ramos, Melissa (The University of Tampa, 2019-01-03)
    The Malik Girls, a novel in progress, is a story where the protagonist inherits her ancestors’ home and is thrust into a town full of dark secrets, where the woods come alive, things move on their own, and no one can be ...
  • Reeves, Caitlin (Keyhole Press, 2022)
    The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the workload of healthcare workers which has in turn directly altered their mental wellbeing. COVID-19 has lead to additional job stressors for healthcare professionals such ...
  • Redmond-Theodore, Angela (MFA in Creative Writing, The University of Tampa, 2016-01-07)
    This collection shows how art is an act of responsibility. That is, because the poet is able to respond—to injustice, to art, to the natural world, to personal experiences and family history—she must respond. However poetry ...
  • Lieberwitz, Risa (UT Workgroup on Free Speech and Academic Freedom, 2018-03-19)
    Dr. Risa Lieberwitz, Professor of Labor and Employment Law at Cornell University and general counsel of AAUP, speaks on academic freedom.
  • Aiello, Taylor (Keyhole Press, 2021)
    The developing scientific world has uncovered critical information that will continuously correlate with the criminal justice system. More specifically, genetic evidence has been at the forefront of criminal court cases in ...
  • Eber, Josephine; Troisi, Olivia (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2021-08)
    The MAPC Handbook was created to serve as an internal resource for the incoming and current MAPC students. This resource includes information about the University of Tampa, information specific to the MAPC program and ...
  • Carpenter, Daniel; Sykes, Carla (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2021-12)
    Proposals to elevate UT Dance program profile and increase enrollment. Providing guidance to increase enrollment for UT's Dance in Education Program. This program is unique and the only program of its kind in Florida
  • Palermo, Alexandra (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2021-12)
    During my time as both a staff member and a student at the University of Tampa (UT) in the College of Arts and Letters (CAL), I have gotten very familiar with the CAL faculty and students. For my Master of Arts in ...
  • Bernardini, Gina (Department of Film, Animation and New Media (FMX), The University of Tampa, 2021-05)
    Mathematical simulations, 2D animation, 3D animation, applications ranging from gaming to scientific simulations.
  • Weiss, Michael (MFA in Creative Writing, The University of Tampa, 2016-01-07)
    Hidden in a Pennsylvania mountain range, the secluded community known as the Schullen is accustomed to a way of life experienced nowhere else. It’s not uncommon for neighbors to claim they’ve witnessed forest creatures ...
  • The University of Tampa; Ferris, T.L., Ed. (The University of Tampa Alumni Association, The University of Tampa, 1941-02)
  • The University of Tampa; Ferris, T.L., Ed. (The University of Tampa Alumni Association, The University of Tampa, 1941-06)
  • The University of Tampa; Marsh, Lucy Lee, Ed.; Moody, Bill, Ed. (The University of Tampa Alumni Association, The University of Tampa, 1942-11)
  • Halley, Nicholas A. (MFA in Creative Writing, The University of Tampa, 2014-01)
    The aim of this thesis is to demonstrate the viability of writing to an audience both literary and involved in the genre fiction market, and to showcase this in selections of a novel in sequence. The novel in question is ...
  • (1968-12)
    The construction site sign for University of Tampa's new library building. The sign was erected on top of the utility building adjacent to the work area. New concrete pillars are shown at the left edge of the image.
  • Hammond, Maxximilian (Department of Film, Animation and New Media (FMX), The University of Tampa, 2020-05)
    Take a journey through the camera into the world of up and coming artist Michaela Paladio.
  • Reeber, Olivia (Keyhole Press, 2021)
    This paper examines the integration of the Disney brand into China in the form of theme parks to argue that a largescale entertainment company can successfully function in a country with high censorship and government ...
  • Jayde A. Zimmerman, Cody J. Cox (College of Natural and Health Sciences, The University of Tampa, 2017)
    Mucus produced by corals has a varied understanding with many gaps. Although there are many hypotheses regarding the function and purpose of the mucus itself, and the many microbial communities that inhabit it, there ...
  • Dugo, Rachael (MAPC, The University of Tampa, 2022-08-17)
    The goal of this project, titled “Mid-Twenties Thrive Guide” is to highlight strategic advice for those in their early years post-graduation.